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Jim Cochran | Owner & Head Trainer tel: 425.749.6826

Carol Irving | Kennel Director tel: 425.749.6826

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Welcome to Jim Cochran Sporting Dogs!

Jim Cochran Sporting Dogs train all breeds of sporting dogs and offers the highest quality training for your hunting companion. We are family-owned and -operated, located in Fall City, Washington and offer several different training programs and services to best fit you and your pet(s).

One of our core philosophies is to custom tailor each training program to make your dog the best it can be. Our methods come from common sense, years of training experience and understanding the animal and how it learns. Being able to read the dogs and their reactions allows our trainers to fit their program to meet our clients and the dogs needs.

Jim Cochran Sporting Dogs is located right on the Snoqualime River, just outside of Fall City, Washington. There is 265 acres of grasslands, waterways, lakes and woods that are availabel to train. Your dog can use all areas to ready them for any hunting style. Many clubs such as the AKC and UKC, use the ponds and lakes to run water tests and use the grass fields for upland tests.