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Hourly Instructions

In Hourly training we will train weekly or bi-weekly. Were you will learn how to teach your dog the training needed to keep moving forward in hunting or trials.

Gun Dog Training

We will cross train for waterfowl and upland game. It begins with basic obedience and can be tailored to your hunting style and needs. We introduce your dog to birds and guns and based on your needs will incorporate additional training such as force fetch and collar conditioning.

Monthly Dog Training Services

Monthly training services can include:

All pets are fed, watered and exercised daily. Food will be provided unless your pet(s) is on a special diet, then you must provide the food. All provided food MUST be in a sealed container, not in the original bag. We are not responsible for lost or damaged personal items you provide with your pet(s).

Field Trial / Hunt Test

Our field trial and hunting test training is composed of learning everything from basic obedience to mutiple blind retrieves, steady to wing and shot, honoring. This can be done in hourly sessions or monthly training.

Clinics and Handling Seminars

Please contact Jim if you would like to arrange a Clinic or Handling Seminar for your club/group.

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